Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Saori challange 2013 :Day 10

I decided to challange my self to weave  every day x amount every day for x period of time. i started this 3 yrs ago. After considering options I came up with a yard a day for 30 days January  in 2011. My maiden" challenge " taught me to become more organized, but not to much, include my weaving everyday as a routine of my daily regime, focused on weaving (but not  respond in a mechanical way ).

Some yards took several hours, some a hour and 45 mins average  I invented new weaves and , and patterns, and it kicked started me to play more at the loom. Because I use my saori loom and equipment I found it enjoyable to wind my warps on the saori warping frame and thread away from the loom with my saori threading holder  even on days that found me weaving in the evening to finish my yard I felt excited and motivated.My personal goal is to have thirty yards  of fabric to design and create new clothing and banners in time to  apply for an anual jury to be accepted  into Santa Cruz County's Cutural Council Open Studio tour .This is this years first 10 yards in the first 10 days. 

This my third year of my self imposed challenge  I am comfortable with a yard a day for 30 days.  On some days I may weave on another warp for hours but it is not my designated yard a day warp. Commitments outside of the studio, appoinments, teaching classes, family, shipping all carefully calulated to allow my studio weaving  time and space to create . If something is unavoidable I weave two yards in one day to make sure I  do not get behind. So my life is revolving even more around my fiber, CENTERING WITH FIBER.
This my first 10 yards of weaving on the first warp  2013 freed from the loom.

  I have already started weaving  the second 12 yard warp ,  I wind a new warp and dress the loom for the final 10-12 yards and also weave my warp daily .

 slate cottons
heading to the studio now to weave .....

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene
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  1. I've loved looking at your blog and reading about your work! So beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you, i am so glad you enjoy my work. So nice to hear from from my blog readers.


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