Sunday, February 17, 2013

Louet wheels, and fiber and other fun things at the studio...

This week week I had several spinners at Saori Santa Cruz studio.

Spinning on , bobbin lead, and single drive scotch tension wheels.

double treadle double drive wheel

single treadle both feet

Louet classic drum carders for processing fibers

 Niddy noddy removing the yarn from the wheel bobbins.

Louet victoria double threaddle scotch tension wheel
louet S90 , I carry Louet wheels, carders, fibers and more jill 's email 


more about classes

peace in and through fibers
jill nickolene sanders


  1. Jill, I love what you did with the photos! Great effect and yet we can still see exactly what's going on. Well done!


  2. Love your blog. As a new weaver & having recently purchased a Saori loom I find your work inspiring. In particular an enjoying your Saori challenge. Look forward to future posts!


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