Monday, May 23, 2011

New Saori top for the dress/jumper

I was cleaning up from sewing my dress/jumper yesterday and saw that I had quite a bit of yardage left I did not use, almost 2 1/2 yards .
So I made sleeves! A boat neck slip over top that changes the dress into yet another look and when the fog comes in I can slip it on easily and take the chill off. I love layers and this top feels so good over the dress it is hard to believe it was an afterthought.  MORE HERE

the top

 worn over the dress

changes the dress/jumper to another layered look. I love SAORI!

" I am confident that through saori weaving , which encourages the generous exchange of ideas, methods of expression, and teaching, we will be able to feel more at one with each other and our world, and build a huge network of friendship and love."
Misa Jo the founder of Saori

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  1. Awesome and inspiring thank you for sharing your creative spirit.
    Very timely as I weave wondering what kind of top I can make?
    Thank you for all your Saori inspiration and encouragement
    warmest regards
    Saori Adori

  2. You are so smart. I grew up in Soquel so understand were you are. What is the difference between your loom and a baby wolf. I can't find a number to call you

  3. Contact info here


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