Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The holiday gift of SAORI weaving

SAORI Santa Cruz studio on the winter solstice

granddaughter teaching her "nana" 

Nora 6 yrs loved weaving 

nana caught right on  to weaving and look at her piece!she never wove before

maureen's lovely sample

pieces cut off the looms 

Three generations very happy from there fun learning to weave holiday gift

About one month ago I received a email from Maureen inquiring about scheduling A surprise weaving session with her self and daughter and her mother  for a christmas gift . Yesterday they arrived at Saori Santa Cruz studio from A lovely drive down highway 1 by way of the california coast then up through the red woods. They were wide eyed and curious about there surprise! Within minutes of arriving all were  busy weaving on there saori  looms.
 Maureen had woven a bit before, and nora her 6 yr. old daughter has been in hyperdrive weaving pot holders I was told. "Nana" maureen's mother was visiting form New Jersey for the holidays and enjoyed weaving next to Nora who would periodically get up from her loom to teach grand ma nana and give pointers! Maureen wanted to learn clasped weft and was happily weaving away learning very quickly and creating a beautiful piece. All enjoyed weaving as the laughter and cookies and hot cider and shuttles flew. The 3 generations weaving was such a special adventure , I enjoyed being  part of there surprise and introducing them to the world Saori weaving.
SAORI weaving is for all ages,  and abilities .

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