Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Learn to spin yarn: classes at Saori Santa Cruz Studio

"I have wanted to learn how to spin since I was in kindergarden " What a powerful statement from a new student who finely is fulfilling her child hood dream! It can be frustrating to  try to learn from a DVD to spin on your own . Starting with some basics  like a good drop spindle, friendly open wool fibers, and a teacher to help, makes a world of difference.
 So lets start and see how we do!

 achieving  yarn  useing differnt weight spindles, and different types of wool.

 Park and draft from the spindle. Doesn't she look comfortable with her fiber and spindle?
 SUCESS! Drop spindles are not just for beginning spinners, they are portable  and  can be kept in your bag or purse so that when you are waiting in  long lines you can spin and stay calm .
From two spindles , a nice two ply yarn emerges. 

 she learned how to remove the yarn from the spindle with a niddy noddy, tie , then  twist to make her first skein of yarn....
Her first time ever handspun skein

 " I saw a woman spinning yarn at an assembly at school when i was 5 yrs old and  I never forgot it "
She did it , spun her own  first little mini skein of yarn that she has been waiting so long to do..

Next class she will graduate to her new saxony spinning wheel, a gift from her husband . We will  learn the next steps in creating your own yarns, fufilling dreams and being relaxed centered and blissful  while developing new found fiber skills.
Spinning  yarn as well as weaving , is healthy for your mind and body. What a wonderful way to start a  new year.

" A peaceful life must include fiber" ...Jill Nickolene Sanders

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spinning in the California redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains.

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