Friday, September 21, 2012

First evening of the Saori International conference in LA.

This will not be long as my internet conection is so slow in the hotel!
Here we are at the hotel, and I have my piccolo set up. we went to whole foods and bought some fixings for meals. while we were having breakfast the shuttle flew over santa cruz piggy backed on another plane. My daughter texted me that she saw it on it's way down here, BUT it   landed here in the LA !  COOL  ( flying shuttle landing in LA the first day of your Saori weaving conference , GET IT? "FLYING SHUTTLE", and weaving shuttles.)
thank you maggie for thre photo.

We left early with the forrester packed high!

 I knit the whole way as my husband drived( getting ready for my Oct. Open studio) I could not figure out what the fields of plantings were, then I remembered my little three cotton plants I am growing at home and realized it was fields of cotton!

Here is my piccolo loom set up in the hotel room.

The SAORI reception started with Akiko Jo introducing her father in law Kenzo Jo.( he is the inventor of the Saori looms and equipment)
here are some pieces hung for the show.

 There was a high stack of saori clothing from japan for participants to try on and model too!

 I love this photo of Kenzo Jo dancing with a participant in one of the saori dresses.

ok enough of the slow internet,I must go to sleep for a full day of Saori tomorrow!
IT was 103 degrees  today with no air conditioning in the gym! it was pretty grueling, but lots more days to go so I hope I get use to it!

Peaceful weaving

Jill Nickolene Sanders
(your  roving SAORI weaving conference correspondent this week.)

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