Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Final day of the Saori LA workshop 2012

I call this a nuts a bolts  SAORI day with inspiration. Basics and a review of threading the premade warps. very mellow.

Kenzo Jo showing threading the Saori pre made warps.
weaving squares.
 Remember from yesterday the sewing I did for Laura's  designed by Masko cute top? TA DA. here she is!

 While talking about clothes here is the SAORI Japan conference team, in all there lovely saori clothing.

 The weft threads in some parts are stretchy elastic yarns.

Here is laura in her superb top 

 Kenzo wound a cord with some coned cotton and the bobbin winder ,to tie the sw60 for travel.

Securing the the front and back beams.

who is the silly fellow?
thank you Laura , Mihoko , and the Japan team, Kenzo, Akiko, masako, toshiko, chikako, keiko for a wonderful
conference and work shop week!

Jill Nickolene Sanders


  1. Hi Jill,

    After sewing two tops this past week and reading your blog about last year's conference I am getting so pumped about saori clothing. I can't weave fast enough. :)


  2. Expression through fibers is life changing dinah
    Never stop creating!
    Peace through weaving
    Jill nickolene


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