Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dyeing yarn for a hand woven Art throws

A few weeks ago I wove a blanket for our sons college graduation blog link here but his yarn was different with some hand spun, and thicker yarns in the warp. This inspired me to create and weave a few for my open studio tour show October 13, 14 OPEN STUDIOS, it would be nice to include a few throws for sale. So I started the preparation, ordered the yarns .
My very favorite yarn for weaving my " Art Throws" had been discontinued , so I tried a new yarn this past week. 7-9 hour days. Watch as my all natural fiber throws get created.....

First  step DAY 1:  Hand paint the skeins with low impact safe acid dyes.

 Steaming the the dyed skeins  to set the dye.
 Steamed packets  of  dyed skeins cut open to cool

 Out on the deck rail to dry.
DAY 2:  Next step was winding into balls the 14 skeins. then winding a 15 yd warp, enough for two throws, with mohair yarns.
  beaming on threading, and preparing the loom for weaving

 DAY 3: Sleying the reed tying on and  Start to weave with green mohair weft.
 DAY 4: Still weaving on second half of first throw.

 Cut first throw off the loom  re tension the remaining throws warp on the loom, cut two halves apart , hand sew the halves together.

 Trim fringes soak then
Drying on the deck

 DAY 5 and 6 :  Weaving Second throw with red mohair weft.

I can see the end of the warp clearing the back beam, ALMOST DONE!!

 off the loom....
 cut apart and sew together...

DAY 7: Soak and sun dry, weave in some ends, trim fringes

 The finished red  mohair weft Art  throw.

 Will someone fall in love with my natural  fibers Art throw and buy it durning  the open studios tour ? It's full spectrum of color will go with any decor, and make a wonderful guy gift as well. It is cozy, warm not but heavy and stunning on a sofa, arm chair or bed.. where did the first green throw go?
It has a happy home already.

Jill Nickolene Sanders

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