Monday, May 28, 2012

A Saori banner

First of 5 Saori banners I  am going to weave for open studios in october.
I always catch myself  thinking , I should not have used that color then clear that thought from my mind and  trust in saori and find my peaceful center and continue weaving.  I was weaving  outside on the deck , it was so peaceful. I wove up to the end  knots on the warp rod , squeezing the last little bit of warp as the shed narrows , unknot the warp and unfurl the weaving and I am always so amazed and get so excited when I see the whole piece . I played with a more open set with this banner.

Threading with the saori threading holder

 I twisted my fringes and washed it to "full" the wool wefts("Fulling is the process of fluffing up an already woven or knitted piece of woolen cloth. It's to be distinguished from felting, which takes raw fleece and puts it through the same process without having any initial structure. Felting usually yields a fabric that's a lot stiffer than fulling.")  it is out side drying on the deck in last couple of hours of direct sun.
Now to plan for the next warp. Thinking  this one will be all wool, warp and weft.

Peaceful weaving
Jill Nickolene
ETSY shop saorisantacruz

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