Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The new SAORI fabric cutter/ slitter

There is a popular trend in Japan to cut up kimono's and use the strips  as weft to weave the fabric .
the new fabric cutters are designed by Kenzo Jo, the creater of Saori equipment and looms.

link to utube video cloth cutter  see it in action.

 Here is the book on this tecnique.

 there are the three sizes of cutters.

The saori cloth cutter was launched in Japan earlier this year.
In Japan the  recycling weaving method called "Sakiori" is very popular.
In Sakiori, weavers cut the Kimono fabrics into strips and weave them
into rugs, bags and clothes. many cut fabrics by hand and it can be time consuming.
untill now a good tool was not available to make the strips.

The SAORI Fabric Cutter has 3 different-sized blades cartridges, and
you can cut thick fabrics such as towels and jeans
by switching the cartridge into a wider sized blades.

The fabric cutter can be ordered please email me
The orders are back up in the Japan factory so allow about a month/6 weeks or longer from the  time of orders.
they run for the cutter $ 164 (plus tax when appicable and shipping within the US)
Because the USA does not have any cutters so i can not show your the sizes i have roughly cut some silk for an example to the close to the sizes of the saori cutter.
left to right 4mm,5mm, commercial 1/4" bias tape,8mm
optional cartridges:

 $84                    5mm( 3/16 ") (about 1/8")
                           4mm( slightly less than 3/16")
                           8mm (5/16")  (very slightly more than 1/4")

"The Graphic Sakiori book is a full-color book with a lot of photos of
Sakiori weaving created by many Japanese weavers,
including some SAORI Weavers and instructors."

$74 ( plus tax when applicable + shipping within the US only.)

you will need to use stick shuttles when weaving with fabric strips not your boat shuttes.
I carry 8",12" 16" 21" length cherry wood stick shuttles as well. more info prices ranging from $9 to $13 etsy shop shuttle section

peaceful weaving
Jill Nickolene
ETSY saorisantacruz


  1. not as elegant as silk kimonas, but just this a.m. contemplating what to do w/ the still thick edges of worn through cotton flannel sheets. have lots of linen for warp ... can weave some nice absorbent mats :o) Thanks for this idea! (the sheets rip pretty well into strips) ~ m.

  2. Jill, could you make dish towels with really fine-cut soft cotton? I would not want to end up with little rugs...what is the hand of the fabric you're making?

    1. sure you can make anything, if you want a more drape to the hand when using sakori cloth strips then widen you set , a very close set will give a rag rug effect.


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