Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A happy May day

To celabrate May 1st a good friend Maggie dropped over with flowers. But what we did with the flowers is something to behold. No we did not press them......

 This looks like pressed flowers right? Nope we" hamered "flowers into cloth so that the natural colors will dye or stain the cloth.

 The noise was so loud that we worked on the wooden steps. here is maggie taking a break.
we used paper towels under  the fabric,and on top of the flowers and fabric as well hammered HARD for the colors to transfer  dye into the cloth.
 this was maggies silk pillow top, really pretty.
 and maggies finished scarf, spetacular.

This is my piece still drying. HAMMERING flowers into cloth is really fun!

maggie brought her special support spindle she had made for her with a hand blown glass whorl with a daffodil . happy spring spinning.

maggie also brought her latest experiment, her silk dyed fabric torn into strips for a hank of yarn. this one was 88 yards. won't this great woven as weft saori style!

Happy May.
peaceful weaving
jill nickolene
etsy shop saorisantacruz


  1. Love Love the above projects Jill. Do you know if the hammered plants on silk is permanent? It's really beautiful! And I love the silk weaving strips. And the handblown glass spindle is wonderful. Does she sell them somewhere? I'd love to buy one even though I don't really like spindle spinning that much.

    1. No not permeant , she had her spindle custom from some where on etsy made for her.


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