Monday, November 28, 2011

SAORI homage to 7 yr old weavers

Mid September  I took three saori looms to the education days at the Santa Cruz county fair.
hundreds of mostly 7 yr olds tried weaving for the first time. I decided to  cut up and piece the yardage from there weaving together and I  designed a sleeveless vest with a hood, for a" homage to 7 yr old weavers."
In the true spirt of saori I made the design and  used  saori woven  pieces , honest , letting all that new found fun of weaving with out worrying about  any mistakes spilling  into the garment.
SAORI means no mistakes, so all the learning trials are preverved in this piece.

can you  see if you can find the  woven bits from the  fair photos now in the vest?

cut up and pinned to piece of the saori weaving yardage 

made a paper pattern of a simple design

yes it is hard not to obsess about mistakes, loose hanging yarns, etc. but I did let loose and although it is not one of my finely detailed sewing designs I set out to be true to the saori concept and I  am happy.

hood  back down like a collar it looks really cool on.

I think it will look good with  a black  turtle neck  or jeans.
maybe I will add two front pockets.

update: this hooded vest sold to one of my students  for her 18 yr or daughters birthday gift.

peace in weaving



  1. Love love love - I love the way you put things together and get the coolest clothing! :-)

  2. Your blog is balm for my soul. thank you. Your vest is inspiring me to learn to weave on a Saori loom! xo Michelle

  3. Beautiful! So colorful and full of texture!! Fun!


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