Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumns inspirations for Saori weavings

Coming home from the dentist I stopped and took some photos that inspired me with my  iphone. I immediately thought of Saori weaving's.
Along the road, in the medians in shopping centers etc. inspirations surround us.


I have added a few more things to my esty shop saorisantacruz esty shop

I sell  many of the  Gilmakra Swedish weaving  benches that I use in my saori weaving studio.
yes you can use chairs, and stools BUT I got rid of of them  all, they just did not feel right and my students prefer these as well. They are reasonably priced. You can put a cushion on  it ,or not ,or a  lambs wool fleece. There are 3 positions  to raise or lower the seat  easily with 2 wing nuts.  They work equally well with the saori sx60 folding looms and the 60 looms. Also with any other work shop loom you may have. I use the benches as a  convenient clamp for ball winders, swifts, and rigid heddle pegs constantly.

ONE of my  favorite  of the many saori boxed yarn sets is the rainbow cotton set. 18 cones of 180 grams each cone per set. I try and keep these is stock but they sell out quickly.
                                                                    first layers

                                                                  second layer all cotton set

                                       WOOL rainbow set  18 cones  first layer 160 grams per cone

second layer wool set   

                                close up of the wonderful quality of the wool set. esty shop link

              PEACEFUL WEAVING

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