Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lisa is weaving in the SAORI way

A few months ago  I posted my new hand wrought shuttle sign  that was made by Jon Bailif. I commissioned him to fabricate another , this time  a spinning wheel. It is really fantastic, all hand forged and cut from raw steel. jon is vary talented.
 My husband lee bolted the spinning wheel sign up this past week end to greet all who come to the studio. thank you Lee. 

 I am very pleased with Lisa's progress as her threading and beaming the warp on was finished. This week she starts to weave  on her saori scarf .
She has specific colors in mind and knew just what cones and balls she wanted from the studio's shelves to wind and fill bobbins with .
I would like to mention here how easy the saori looms are to treadle. Lisa has some major physical  disabilities and finds the saori  loom easy to thread and weave on. Not only is she an  intelligent loving mother of two, and a wife, sister and daughter in a wonderful family, she has an amazing sense of color and is very creative. She is so happy and positive and independent. I feel like I gain as much or even more through our saori weaving classes.
peaceful weaving..........jill

 clasped weft

very very nice lisa.

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