Monday, August 15, 2011

Beginning weavers classes

A local Yarn store in Santa Cruz ,The Golden Fleece, has a wonderful new owner as of June this year.
 Her name is Gunilla, she was born and raised in Sweden lived here about 15 years and is the nicest person, a talented fiberest , an incredible knitting "doctor" and much more. We talked and she was excited to introduce knitters to weaving with a new class I would teach . She advertised the class  2  weeks ago and I had 5 Emilia rigid heddle looms, and she had one  so we offered the class to 6 students. It was sold out in 3 days.
Yesterday was the class. The Golden Fleece is an adorable shop but has  limited  floor space, so I brought any and every thing that would fit in the forester to hold looms and warping pegs. It was a good thing I did because the students were sprinkled all throughout the lovely shop doing our warping and threading in little pods!
What a lovely mix of  fun students, eager to learn, catching on fast, and choosing fantastic colors and textures of yarn to there individual tastes.
The students will take there looms home and finish there and be back in 3 weeks for a finishing class so I will take more photos of there  lovely scarves..... stay tuned.

 peaceful weaving jill

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