Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two new Saori-esque scarves

I am preparing to teach a ridged heddle loom class at a local knitting store. I went by the store to pick out some yarns for weaving two scarf samples using some the yarn stores inventory.
I really tried hard to weave more conventional scarves as I realize that theses students are not familiar with Saori, or weaving. I got about 3" to 4" into weaving a scarf and realized that I could not stand  weaving in the "conventional way" any more! I take the scarves to the shop tomorrow .I figure if the store owner does not "get " it then I will just bring the scarves home. TO LATE, I AM A CONVERT TO SAORI WEAVING AND THERE IS NO GOING BACK!

The first scarf is called "otters in Monterey bay"

If you look carefully you can see some dark brown furry bits mommy otter and some lighter tan furry bits, the baby sea otter, amongst the" blue ocean yarn", (click on the photos to enlarge).
A baby otter was just born this week in the monterey bay aquarium .
here is a video of another otter and another 

The other scarf is called"Lavender in Provence" 
this was as "conventional" as  could handle"


  1. Jill - I don't know how someone could NOT love them - they are really beautiful, and works of art! I think all the standard traditional weaving is too stuffy. I LOVE your weaving.

    I need to "let go" and just be as free as you are. You are SO darned creative!


  2. These are beautiful! Your color choices are great! So, so peaceful.

  3. Your scarves are beautiful. I hope to learn from viewing your creative work.


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