Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saori woven straps, popsicles & laundry

Time for the toes to emerge from my clogs and shoes. So to celebrate toe summer solstice coming in two days I started weaving Saori straps on my saori loom for my two new pair of sandals.

Mohop low sandals with stock  black strap and my new saori woven strap. Sseko's flat sandals made in Africa
My Sskeo's before with plain brown cotton straps , bottom photo,  MORE HERE  they practice  responsible consumerism to support sustainable economic development and are made in Africa
Above are my mohop's clog/wood cherry low sandal with stock tie and new woven strap  MORE HERE they come is 3 or four different cute heights of heel, mine are  conservative  lows as I twist my ankles and break bones too easily.
Annie started mohop  in Chicago by making custom made shoes/clogs 4 yrs ago. Now recently  some are made in china making them more affordable and accessible to others, but you can still order the  custom made ones made in the USA too.

  Yes the eternal HIPPIE

Going to weave  more straps, monochromatic color, but I truly love the randomness of these too.

The summer solstice is in two day I have hung out the laundry for that fantastic fresh warm smell, I have not used regular detergent for years, only unscented, biodegradable kind so the fresh scent is honest and real.

 laundry hung.view from the outside studio/ weaving deck

my good friend Maggie told me about these great popsicle makers, ZOKU.

The first zoku pops I made were "MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER" Mimosa fresh orange  juice, fresh strawberries, and Champagne  .
I made 9 pops with one freezing. These are saori style , no two alike for sure.
you see there is only 6 here I ate 3 over 3 days. yummy.
 The grand kids, 5 under 5 years old, will have a blast making there own out of different kinds of non sweetened  juice too.


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  1. I'm thoroughly in love with your sandals.


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