Thursday, March 3, 2011

Introducing teens to saori weaving

A local school contacted me to spend the morning with 7 teens in an organic garden agricultural class that wanted to introduce them to weaving.
I drove to Live Earth Farms  and met the most fantastic kids that visit the farm once a week from there school.
all of them ended up loving weaving and were very engaged, I only brought 2 saori looms and showed them some other types of looms but they all were queuing up for the saori looms, of course.
My favorite comment. "wow this is so peaceful and calming!"
yes saori weaving is calming, and rhythmic too.
They learned weaving ona ridged heddle loom and a tape looms too, wound bobbins and stick shuttles, even weaving in eucalyptus bark and twigs from the ground into there weaving and twisting fringe. I hope I get invited back to share weaving some time soon.
As the tallest boys were leaving the class I was loading the truck with looms etc. and I over heard them talking with each other," hey that was really fun,," "yea it was ."

 finished weaving ,fresh off the loom
learning to twist fringe
a tape loom and ridged heddle loom kept there interests while waiting there turn at the Saori loom

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  1. Jill, that farm looks great. The students' calm absorption says everything about the Saori way.


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