Friday, October 29, 2010

Fibers and fall and SAORI weaving

This week I have been working in the studio clearing the weaving fibery things away from the wood stove. my new saori order arrived from osaka japan and now my studio is a frightful mess again! so I went out and took a photo of wool fiber I dyed and carded that got carry away into the plum tree leaves on the deck by the wind.  The influence was clear when shot the photos. The colors were echoing each other.  welcome fall.
I went to quail hollow ranch's FIBER DAY and took saori looms. Among the participants were
a young special needs child who loved weaving for hours  on the saori piccolo loom and Amber , a student, came and spent quality time with the sx60 loom weaving in oranges, yellows...... turning  foliage colors. Her piece  was lovely. It was pouring outside but no one noticed after shaking off rain from their coats they entered a warm atmosphere of happy fiber artists smiling and truly having fun. Participants who came  learned about spinning, braiding ,lace making , dyeing, inkle weaving and tapestry as well as being introduced to Saori weaving.
Amber's weaving off the loom

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  1. Beautiful. Plum wool and Amber's weaving. Celebrate the selvage :)


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