Saturday, February 10, 2024

come to class and learn how to sew clothing from your saori handwoven yardage SAORISANTACRUZ

Meet Diana she came for 2 days of designing and sewing saori garments class here at SAORI SANTA CRUZ

this is the total yardage she brought

 first piece we made a ruana because that is what diana wanted 

 she brought a top she loves so i made a pattern off of it and for the second piece we made a top

from that pattern 

 add a cowl neck line it turned out so cute !

 second day we only had about 3 hours so diana wanted to sew some place mat tops from the saori red book 

video of her ruana click twice on the video

sewing her new top from the pattern off of her favorite top we made 

 love this  cape like top but diana needed to finish the neck line at home with hand sewing 

saori red book with the pattern in it buy saori book here in my etsy shop

she has a new wardrobe of cute tops and they are so amazing on her !!


Peaceful weaving in the santa cruz redwoods 

Jill N Sanders


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  1. Great to see the variety of ways handwoven fabric becomes clothing!


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