Saturday, November 18, 2023

Saori students buying new saori looms, threading a saori ready made warp some newly finished loom bags .

 I love it when a want to be weaver comes to the studio to chose amount the models of Saori looms 

which one fits their needs. meet two such weavers 


Diane wanted a saori loom for years and she chose a wxt0 folding wood model saori loom. she need a class in threading the ready made warp so when she returned home and assembled her loom she could hand the threaded warp on it and start weaving right away!

she finished threading the saori threading holder lets you thread  comfortabley  away from the loom( not bent over a loom  for hours )  now she hung it on the studios wx60 to check for threading errors only one or two good job ! She chose the saori Wx60 folding loom and assembled it at home . Having  the harnesses threaded and reed during an all day class is always i a great  for new weavers, it builds confidence from the start. 

we tied it up and i put the the inside set threaded into a canvas bag for her ride home with her boxed wx60 loom. 

 Diane tried on some of my saori clothing i have have made over the years 

it was a wonderful  full day !


meet Laura she wanted to try out looms she did  … back and forth ch60 saori non folding, wx60 folding loom she loved both but in the end chose the ch60 loom. it does not fold but takes up less room thn the wx60 open   so when ever she want to weave she does not have to  pull a loom out but it is open for her  already for her  to weave.

all threaded hung on loom to check for errors there were none! good job Laura 

love the saori built in bobbin winders!

 laura sent me a photo her loom is all assembled  and she is weaving !  she is very happy!


LINDA bought her 2 saori ch60 a-2 looms last year. she is weavign beautifully but likes to come to the studio to thread with me it is peaceful and relaxing . she is  tall so the ch60 with the metal rail is perfect for her ! one loom for her cabin one for her town home ….

some new items up in my ETSY SHOP 
a 20 cone cotton saori yarn set 

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 and new colors or my popular mohair cones. hard to find. this is not weak kid moair this mohir has strenght and only small amount of nylon added. great for throws and phonchos and to use as a  core in core spinning 

 find wool and mohair yarns here etsy shop mohair yarns click here lots more colors and grey white and black too. this is a supreme mohair good for warp too it will not break has a wonder  halo ! does not add weight to blankets or garments or scarves but is warm!

if you have folding looms like the saori folding looms piccolo and 60's i make beautiful protective loom bags . here are just a couple go to my etsy shop loom bag section to see more 



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