Saturday, May 20, 2023

After you have learned the Basics Sign up for a Saori weaving tecniques class at Saori Santa Cruz Studio

linda spent a couple of hours  in class and learned some saori tecniques!

 here is  a video  of  a few things what linda was learning ….

another video…

 3 colored clasped weft 

Make your own yarn on the saori bobbin winder and using the SAORI CONE WINDER TOOL CLICK HERE

 here is a video of it in action  you use 4 OR MORE individual cones of yarn and wind a cone then the bobbins. that way you do not get discrepancy loops like you would winding directly onto the bobbins which is madding ...

now take the cone and wind a bobbin !

now weavewith your new varigated yarn!

 linda made some art yarn on the saori art yarn maker that works with you saori bobbin winder to create what ever you would like to throw in the spin!

 video of her winding the side ways fringes with THE BATTERY FRINGE TWISTER CLICK HERE

 I learned some wonderful new tecniques! loved it!
Traveling or taking work shops with your saori loom or you ashford rigid heddle looms?
my one of a kind floor looms fit the ashford looms too. 

the inventory  on my loom bags always changes as they selluntil i can make more.


  go to my etsy shop saorisantacruz etsy here in the search for the sections search LOOM BAGS in my shop.

email me about classes times scheduling 


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