Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winding a warp on my Saori warping frame and other things

Today I had a few hours  open and  I wanted to wind a fun warp for some scarves on my Saori warping frame. It is unique because you can warp up to 5 thrreads at a time with just using your thumb to form the cross.

 Here I am starting  to wind by threading the 5 yarns through the eyes on the  special Saori warping frame.

 After  preforming a thumb" dip and flip" I am loading the the top left peg with the 5 threads in order

  Now as a group the 5 threads are traveling down and over  other pegs
  HERE you see 4 passes of 5 threads. So in just 4 passes I have 20 warp threads wound . you can see the tremendous  advantage and time saving to this! But very boring to always repeat theses same 5 threads sooo….

 ….I stop and design my warps in between my 5 at a time groupings  by putting in many different colors and weights of single  yarns randomly yarns in between the swaths . This way it is like painting at the warping frame  and very exciting textures and colors emerge… not repetitiously the same 5  or more over and over . Adding  some warps with fun  interest like textured yarns.

This 21 cone Japan Saori treasure yarn sets here has flags, mini pompoms, boucles, slubs, sparkles,shine, and feathery inspirations. It can turn predictable warps into individual ones.

 Some weavers  will alter the Saori warping frame with more hooks mounted in a line . I do not want or desire to do this .Why?  I do not want my weaving to look uniformly repetitious 5 is plenty and in fact I am not a machine and desire to have less repetitions.

HERE is the tied cross how I do it.
  The true cross I tie  a bit differently than most. I use white shoe strings for the top of the crosses and black for the bottoms . It may be over  the top concern but I never get twisted warps and the cross  aways stays very secure.

  now my warp is chained and ready to thread….

This is a comparison of the SAORI warping frames . In the foreground the board has the two legs  option to lean against the wall warping frame with 2 legs
The frame in the rear is taller because it  has the warping board accessory folding base stand. the separate saori warping frame stand 
 It is  height adjustable and one can sit to wind a warp  or wind free standing like a easel . Also a wheel chair can roll right over thr bottom metal rail as well so it can be suitable for the disabled..
 I am very impressed with the Saori warping frames .
 I have owned about 9 different warping mills and frames  over my life at least. So far this is my absolutly very favorite one ever!


Roberta finished her mobius cowl this week! I went to her studio and we wove the the "fringe as weft" caught it (and did not weave it around the front beam).

previous blogs with roberta winding her warp and threading  blogs here

  Really saturated colors ….just beautiful!

  She fell in love with  this  battery fringe twister so she bought mine. As I left  her studio she was happily twisting away! (It is a real hand and wrist saver…)


What a wonderful DVD of Misao Jo the founder of Saori weaving. It is priceless. I have a few copies in my etsy shop here
It is beyond inspiring…. a must see…..

Thnak you Misao 

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders
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  1. I just watched a vid on this, and I have to say I am more then up to try this. It looks like it would go fast and give you the freedom to use any color /texture you would like. This is going to be a new adventure for sure!!

    1. The Saori warping frame makes this a TANGLE FREE operation ! The center Location porry cross and relationship to the eye hooks are very stable and brilliant design! Also you can mount 5 cones right on the Saori warping frame ! Can not weight to hear how you do with it!
      Peace from the loom


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