Thursday, March 27, 2014

New weavings off my Saori WX60 loom

Quality time with my Saori WX60 folding loom is  always GOOD  so in the last few weeks I carved out some time to finish weaving my "middle earth " etherial silk and merino yardage . Deestined for some new designs in clothing I am going  to sew.

  I soaked it sun dryed  and watched it crinkle and curl and collapse in textural goodness.


 Then  I  wanted some more fun colors to weave ….I decided on creating some cotton skinny scarves, I found a warp I had  recieved through a warp exchange several years ago. Of course there were no notes to how many threads or to it's  length but i decided it was perfect for scarves so I dove into the oppurtunity to fearlessly play  and "be bold and adventuresome  "  

 My Saori WX60 loom with the cross protector  cross holder ( in place of using lease sticks)

 Here I am starting to weave...

 off the loom awaiting some final photots I  havent taken yet…..

Peaceful weaving
Jill Nickolene

 SAORI WX60 FOLDING LOOM and other  Saori looms

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