Friday, April 12, 2013

Why Saori weaving is equally important for adults and children.

Class after class I introduce new to the craft students to participate in the freedom and intuitive philosophy of Saori no mistake weaving. I continually see the positive  affect it has on each student.
how working with your hands and turning off  your brain produces beautiful weavings.

Mari has a strong desire to learn to weave , and spin.

   Learning to let go....... and trust . Yes all colors  CAN go together, and mistakes are not "mistakes" but opportunities to create as they have present themselves unexpectedly .
  The creation  of  cloth is tens of thousands of years old it 's creation has gradually  been removed  from us because  Our cloth comes from stores, we do not see how it  was made. It is deemed not of  importance to learn to weave when we can buy fabric and clothing , rugs off the computer , why weave? As we become more techno centric the balance swings over to the need  to touch the earth and plant seeds, grow some food, knit spin, and weave. produce from scratch.
 It helps us to respect and connect back to ancient  voices hearing  the journey from spinning fleece, and plant fibers  on simple spindles or weaving with rock weighted looms  to our present  hand made but progressive spinning wheels and treadle looms.  The realization of the importance that yarn, fibers, and cloth has had on human deleopment.
Mari is a anthropology major. I feel this ancient pull of weaving emerging as she listens to the language of the fibers and weaves.

This is more than just Mari's first weaving it is an opportunity for releasing the hidden creativety she had hiding .....

When children weave on Saori looms in the studio  they are not struggling with loud  adult equipment and looms  that are not proportioned to fit them comfortably .  Saori looms have built in bobbin winders and shuttles that are easy to change out bobbins , treadles they can reach and are quiet , a shelf and the wonderful premade saori warps.

 The right and left brain feet and hands involvement, seeing  how quickly cloth progress before them is  exciting. more than crayons , and pencils, there is the feeling of empowerment., a flow and joy. Elora chooses pink linen and purples.

I am so thrilled at the individual" rainbows" Ethan  5 yrs wove, all his own concept , fleece and yarn in corresponding colors, carefully chosen just by him no intervention by me acept a scissors snip or two..

"now I have a weaving to hang on the wall by my brothers"

And for his final colors ta da ,  he chose black and white. 

Very proudly sharing his sucess with this daddy.

 weaving in the redwoods
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