Friday, April 5, 2013

Saori looms, two sisters and there friend Saori weaving

Spring break , schools are out and Saori Santa Cruz has been filled with giggles laughter  and saori weaving these last couple of weeks. Two sisters 4 and 9 yrs old, with there friend and Alison (the mom) booked time  to come to the studio and weave and spin. Children benefit by weaving on Saori looms. They bloom with amazing developmental skills and  feel  empowered by the freedom to express almost instantly.

After watching the older girls the youngest sister starts weaving on the Saori piccolo loom adjusted just for her height .
  Meanwhile Alison needed a new drive band for her wheel, so we did some mateinance  as the girls happly wove.

  learning about niddy noddies , making and tieing a skein from her hand spun filled bobbins.

 A"dolly blanket" from a such a sweet 4 yr old. Freedom to happily weave with no mistakes.

 Two very different approaches to there weaving.  One full of color and texture the other silky smooth..
Saori is about freeing your individuality and respecting every individual's  process.

Peaceful Weaving

in the redwoods
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