Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saori in a Finnish craft magazine TAITO and Jill Nickolene Sanders" indigo riff " jacket featured.

This spring Saori weaving  is is two publications.

The first one is TAITO magizne from Finland  Taito's website. An amazing craft magazine over 100 years in publication. It covers all types of crafts, not just fiber but beads, wood woorking etc . It is written in Swedish or Finish. Neither of which can  I read can you? wish I did. I was honored to be asked to send a photo of my "INDIGO RIFF" jacket  by the magazine as they wanted to feature it in there publication. See below photos of my Saori jacket photos featured.   

Handwoven magazine  has a article in its March/April 2013 issue about Saori philosophy this
 spring  .

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Jill Nickolene Sanders
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  1. Excellent stuff! well done on the two magazines. I look forward to seeing my Handwoven when it arrives in Australia.


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