Monday, September 24, 2012

Saori LA International Conference : day 3

The final day of the Saori conference 2012 , 4 days of Saori  work shops to follow this week.
 Jeanne, Catherine, and Mihoko arriving at our meeting, i love the colors and simple design of jeanne's Saori Tshirt from the Saori book but with her piecing creativity.

 Ellen's cool wrap and Dana's cool scarf.
 Eugenia's hand made by another artists blouse, not Saori but amazing!
 We had a gift and warp exchange which was so fun.

 Remember this dress from my previous post? Masako is the last one  of Misao's last  students before she stopped teaching classes in 1979. Masako designs and teaches classes all over Japen and for over 20 years travels globally with kenzo to teach workshops in clothing designs and helps with the patterns in the Saori books.
 This is her paper design on adding machine paper for the dress she has on!

 A hand out of a sample from a up coming new Saori easy clothing book due out the end of this year.
 Here is that piece modeled by Catherine.

 VARIATIONS on the the same simple  bias patterns from the Saori book.
This one is a similar take on the simple bias dress but a top instead.

 Time for the Saori Kai ( sharing)

 Ellen's use of thrums at the end of a warp.


Then stream of what I call " topsy turvy", or bottoms up, or upside down fun!

 turning" topsy turvy"

 It works both ways!

Kenzo  waiting for us to gather for the group conference photo and the end of a superb conference!
more on the work shops with Kenzo Jo on Tuesday.
till then.....

Jill Nickolene Sanders

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