Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saori Internationl Conference 2012 LA :first full day

 This will be a photo rich post not much text I have a saori meeting at 8 am tomorrow before the conference. We had meetings with the Saori studio owner in the morning after breakfast. We had lunch  then Kenzo showed us new Saori products, and demo tecniques.

 Mihoko in her adorable Saori top.

 One of the saori member Ellen, has a book printed of her pieces every year.(she  on the right with a flower) a fantastic idea!

 Jean's top.
 my koi pond jacket
 I love this top too Ellen wove, sewed and designed.

 Laura modeling her two saori mobious cowels put together, to make a top.

 The wx60 looms have a optional  height rising brackets to make them 2" higher as a new !
 Check out  the new optional  wheels for them too! the metal frame sx60 looms are easy to drag across the floor the wood needed somthing to reduce the abrasion and make it easier to move.
 the bobbin winding 'SHELF' great! it puts so much yarn on the bobbin because it winds tightly and compactly , you do not have to move your hand back and forth to fill the bobbin, it does it automatically.
 making cord on the bobbin winder.
 cross holder and threading holder so you can thread away from the loom carry it and hand the harnesses and beam on.
 the Sakiori fabric cutting tool.

 and a brand new adjustable sakiori ( for fabric strips)weaving shuttle.
textured loops
 This is such a airy lovely peace kenzo showed us how it was woven
 very loosely  then stretched out when it was done! magic!

 How kenzo twists fringe, amazing! He makes it looks so easy but it is tricky takes some praticing.

 making more cords  cords with yarn and the built in bobbin winder.

 I love this technique!

 I loved this top.
It is a very informative Saori conference, meeting new Saori weavers, studio owners, teachers from Japan and old friends too and espically meeting Kenzo Jo and Akiko Jo too . 

peaceful weaving
jill nickolene


  1. Will the height extenders be available for current wx60 looms? I would love to get some...wheels, too!


    1. Yes Mandi the height extenders and the wheels will be available soon when they arrive back in Japan next week, for the current wx60 looms and Kenzo Jo told me they will fit all the wx60 folding wood current and the 6 months old ones , when they first came out, as well.
      Peaceful weaving


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