Friday, September 14, 2012

Etheral transparent silk Saori handwoven jacket

  By using Habu stainless steel silk,  copper bamboo and other fibers to create the sculptural effects in  warps and wefts for this Saori woven piece I wove An ethereal tranparent  fabric.

It all started with winding a warp out of stainless steel core thread size silk yarn from Japan.
 Because of the unusual hand of the fiber instead of chaining off the warp from the warping frame I used my skein winder to gently reel off the 11 yards.

 Sleying the reed then threading and beaming on the loom are the next steps.

 Now weaving

I call this technique I am creating .....  "wood grain".

 Soaked and drying

Textured after soaking.

 Draping, designing and  sewing the loosly fitting jacket.

 Still working on smaller areas finishing off the jacket.

Close up the scuptural quality of the yarns.

My "Helen Mirren would totally wear this" jacket. This and other pieces and woven  installations  will be at my studio show October 13 & 14 th .

peaceful the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders
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  1. Jill, that is beautiful! LOVE it. :-)

  2. truly amazing work! Your talent and patience is inspiring!


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