Friday, January 13, 2012

Why should I weave?

Last week I had a new SAORI student . She is exploring new crafts she might be interested in. One of her questions was ,"after I weave a few pillows what else can I do with the hand woven cloth?"
This was an interesting queston, I explained that many artists are process oriented, not product driven. We do our art because have a need to express and the process is a need , rather than a choice.
She is coming back to weave a scarf . I  think working with ones hand is so very vital as a balance to Our mental activites. Saori weaving is meditative and rewarding in it's process alone and at first we may want to weave a gift, a textile for clothing as a goal, but then the loom calls us with no intention at all, just  an opportunity for a expressive voice.


Jill Nickolene

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