Monday, June 6, 2011

Grand reopening of The Golden Fleece

Almost a  decade ago I left the Golden Fleece , new owner ship, and the fact that it was becoming another knit shop , not the spinning, dyeing felting weaving, doll making, and knitting shop I had worked at for almost 8 years. One of the customers  then , new to the country from Sweden ,  was Gunilla. She is know around the area's  knitting shops now as "the knitting doctor" . Well last month Gunilla bought the golden fleece and is bringing back weaving and spinning and will be adding other crafts as well as knitting. She invited local dyers, spinners and and me to come and demonstrate for two days. Santa Cruz is having record breaking low temperatures  and crazy winer like rain falls in june, but despite the wind and rain customers flocked to the Golden Fleece this past week end to welcome and check out the NEW Golden Fleece.

Katrina 8 yrs old really took to to weaving  and sat and wove, {with a  short cup cake break,} for about 12".

maggie teaching drop spindle spinning

I met so many nice new people and some I have not seen for years.  I was to busy to take many photos but the shop was very cheerful and warm and buzzing with excitment. Gunilla's  lovely teen age daughter Lynnessa sat down and  tried weaving for the first time before i packed up { she was busy helping to ring up customers and stock shelves for both days,and fell in love with it. }
I introduced many to SAORI weaving and we will be having weaving workshops at the store soon with introductions to weaving on ridged heddle looms in the cozy class room area .
 Sunday our power went out and our road was closed by fallen power lines and trees so I had to drive 27 miles a back roads  to make it to the store, power was still not on, nor roads open so I drove home the extra distance again, power  just came on about 1:00 AM this morning.I am so glad I made it out. It was a  very very fun week end surrounded by many wonderful fiber people and worth making  the  crazy curvy and  narrow back road route detour ! 


  1. Jill- It was great to see you there and learn what Saori weaving was about. I love your enthusiasm for it! Having spinning and weaving and other fiber arts return to the Golden Fleece is a blessing! ~Annie

  2. Wonderful *:-) Also, I am glad you made it home safely in the dangerous weather over dangerous roads *:-)

  3. I happened upon the Golden Fleece when it first opened on a trip to Santa Cruz (I had lived there in the 80's and was visiting friends), and loved it. Then a few years later I stopped in again and I tried a matchless wheel there and fell in love with it everyone in the shop was so nice. I'm so happy that it is refocusing on weaving & spinning! If I ever come back to the area again I will stop in.


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