Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Thomas , weaving on his Saori loom

I received these photos from Cheryl yesterday evening of her 6 year old grand son Thomas weaving on his new saori loom. She shared these special comments.


"Thomas split Mother's Day, spending the morning with his mom (my daughter Kris) and  the afternoon with' Granma', in the studio trying out his new Saori loom. One of the best Mother's Days ever.
Thanks, Jill"

wow fantastic colors Thomas.

It is so very important to introduce children at an early age  to the opportunity of successfully  expressing emotions. Sharing "inside" thoughts, communicating with options other than with words has a lasting a life long benifit . Weaving with the whole body/mind , coordinating right brain left brain , lower body as well as upper body is very healthy. Allowing Independent creativity with good tools and equipment is magical. although I have taught children with pot holder, frame, cardboard looms, I have never had the natural success and joy and ease of teaching children as with the saori looms.  I always have used what ever I could afford loom wise for years to teach with.  I still think it is wonderful to use simple hand held looms espically to supplement the the over under rhythm IF children respond to it. .
Saori is the only loom manufacture that makes floor looms the correct sizes for the wee size children. they take to the treadles very naturally.  Children with special needs espically respond to the ease of use of saori floor looms , many other type of looms restrict  there abilities.
  Saori has two sizes of folding looms great for children/adults the piccolo from age 4 to adult, and the sx60, [this is what Thomas has here],  can  work for age 6/7 to adult.  Having  a loom with the correct height and pedal reach, ease of use with clear wide sheds comfortable for shuttles and hands to reach  is even more imperative with children.

"Today was the first day that Thomas sat and worked/played at the  SAORI loom.  He had a wonderful time and is planning to come by the studio after school tomorrow afternoon.  I'm pleased at how quickly he grasped what he needed to do. I had a blast watching his project take shape."   Thomas wove for 40 mins.

 He looks  so happy and proud with his first weaving. Thank you for sharing your joy and passing on your craft to Thomas Cheryl !

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  1. That's my boy! Great Job Thomas, Love Mom


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