Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tina and Maggie weave a saori cowl

Tina's ocean colors warp

Tina's weaving
tmaggie winding her warp

maggie using the saori cross holder to sley the reed with the saori thread holder which allows for threading the heddles as well away from the loom any where.

all done but twisting the fringe and washing

I had two day workshop for a saori cowl scarf which the warp becomes weft . First class 4 hours winding the warp and threading and dressing the loom.
2nd day weaving the cowl.
Tina and Maggie did a fantastic palate of exciting yarn colors and textures for there summer weight neck adornments. They need to twist their fringe and wash them but i think they turned out fabulous .
"That was so so so much fun!" Tina said, as we cut the scarf off the loom.
I had fun too! great students and fun day !

Tina and Maggie's  finished cowls !

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