Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Woven Saori collaboration blanket

 Some of my Ravelry weaving group members  wove and mailed me their Saori weaving pieces for a group collaborative baby blanket for our member jadzeea who is pregnant with her first baby. She generously volunteered and spent many days last year editing photos members  of their Saori woven banners and photo shopped them into an amazing photo .It is  posted on our main ravelry group page to greet all who read our threads and posts  if you are a ravelry mamber go to this link weaving in the saori way group

Here is a photo diary of my journey to turn the wonderful hand woven pieces sent to me  into a colabrative blanket for her soon to be new baby boy. I hope I did justice to everyones lovely contribution.

It all started with me receiving puffy envelopes in my mail box over about two months.

 Then I needed prewash and dry then iron  the weavings twice.

 Then I spent a week playing musical chairs with the pieces and placements

  Then the day to start sewing them to a cotton  muslin backing.

Two of the pieces that were sent did not  pass the machine washable test and shrank and felted. But they were lovely and and nicely done so I decided to use them in other ways for the quilt and baby.

 I thought to cut disks  out and use of them as "button" reinforcement to tie the layers of the blanket together. ( cant you see a baby when he gets older playing with these instead of napping?)
 The backing of the patch wook blanket has a cotton Beatrix Potter  toile print.

I cut up the blue felted hand woven piece  along with the greenish  left over from the "buttons"into sections and sewed , embroidered  and stuffed a wool felt baby toy.
 so every piece was used and there were just " snippiest for mice" (from the Potter book Tailor of
Glouster ) left .

I am dreaming of a baby boy having tummy time on this blanket this summer looking at all of your weavings. 

peaceful weaving
jill nickolene

update the blanket made it to canada!  proof ! I was so worried my paper woork was incorrect, I laughed out loud when jadzeea posted this photo on rav!


  1. Jill, you did an amazing job with all the pieces sent to you. :-) It's so fun to see my yellow piece in there! I know it's going to get much use, and be loved for a long time. GOOD JOB!
    YAY! Fun to see it all finished.

    1. yes your perfectly woven yellow weavings were fantastic to break up the many colors martha!
      thank you so much for your contribution.

  2. I see my square! Wow. You did a great job with this! Lydia

    1. isn't it fun to pick out your piece from the blanket!
      thank you so much for the contribution, it was so very much appricated.

  3. I love it!
    Thank you so much Jill and everyone who contributed your weaving!!!
    Love, Jadzeea

    1. you are very welcome jadzees , now your job is to have a health last trimester and happy baby to wrap up in the blanket.


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