Friday, October 22, 2010

UPCOMING learn to weave work shop

This week I finished weaving 4 scarves for samples at a local knit shop on my up coming "weave a scarf in 4 hours" class for beginning weavers outreach classes i am doing this month. Since the class room is small and on a 2nd story with the only access being a narrow steep stairway I decided that pre warped ridged heddle looms would be the the only solution. This week I spent warping the looms and weaving samples for the store.Well all I can say is am totally spoiled with my SAORI looms. My neck and shoulders ached from using the ridged heddle looms and my feet were yearning to treadle . I even clamped one to a higher counter so that I could stand and weave to see if that helped. It did not.My conclusion is that ridged heddle weaving is one of the least expensive ways to try out weaving and is portable but NO comparison to the saori looms as far as ergonomics and ease of use and just having more fun. SAORI'S win hands down. Those who think they will love and want to continue to weave and learn to warp can always come to visit Saori Santa Cruz studio,and take classes to expand there knowledge.
The scarves were fun to do. I tried to invent fun but easy learn to weave techniques. one of the scarves is silk and stainless steel yarn  by Habu ,which when put in hot water curls and morphs delightfully.magically transforms before your eyes.

The sample scarves are hanging at the knit shop in Santa Cruz for potential weavers to get inspired and sign up to weave a scarf class. Now to see if the swift stitch will attract would be weavers?

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