Friday, July 16, 2010

second banner woven

I am weaving 2 banners for a installation on two restored heritage bridges in elm street park in Worcester Mass.the banners are a donation the local business buy one and then saori Worcester weaving studio uses the money as a scholarship for weaving classes for children at risk and in need of financial assistance.
These 2 are all wool so they will not need to be fireproofed.Wool does not burn.... well easily, it self extinguishes. i love wool.
so here are some photos .
Banner 1

working with the wool yarns i already had i set to weave a banner with traditional roots and a look to the future. I dyed some wool in two colors of bright yellow greens especially. So those colors of greens are the future, the traditional colors are the past .The green  builds on , much like the history of the ELM ST BRIDGES , spanning historical past with the fresh contemporary present. Interweaving and leading into the beyond leads the green weft . Traditional colors in the warp, browns blues reds are the base to build on. The contemporary  two hues of chartreuse green colors wefts intersect and pick up the viewers eye  to the beyond .

 Banner 2 is wool as well.when i saw the wood elm st. park bridge on the installation PHOTOS  I though of Japan and then the Imperial Hotel Frank Lloyd Wight built in japan that no longer is standing. Many interconnecting  corridors like in weaving. When i was a teen ager  I was fortunate enough to live in a wright home for 2 to 3 yrs in Paradise Valley Arizona. So this banner is an tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright and the influence he had on my  color and design sense .  

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