Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saori Santa Cruz stuff

This is a short blog with lots of different activity. Here are my two latest loom bags for Saori folding looms  pipping hot from my sewing room to replenish the stock.. loom bag section of my etsy shop
"Moroccan blue"


Oh how I love my Nancy's Knit Knacks swift/skeinwinder! It is  reasonably price since it is a fraction of the cost  of an expensive  $800 spining wheel with ball Bearings  but it is built was well! It's base rotates. The greatset thing is it holds over a huge 1lb skein and does not groan or catch while winding a ball. I have had mine for 4 years but I must say it was the the best well spent money I spent on ball winding  and swift equipment. My wrists and arms thank me….

  Here in my Etsy shop NKK SWIFT HERE

  My darling  little  used glimakra 27" Ideal loom sold to a local super nice weaver. I will miss it, but  it found a very good  new home and now the space can be expanded to my spining class room and gallery

  We had our November Maven's of the fiber forest ravelry group meeting at a local members home it was lovely and so fun..

The Santa Cruz Weavers Guild had there first ever Guild sale last week. I did not participate but I went to show support. They did really well.  Good going guys!

 Fall and much needed rain has come finely to northern california. I moved the yarn dress forms and spinning wheels and looms  away from our wood stove and…… this morning  in the wee hours my husband Lee lit the woodstove fire ! This is our only central heat… it feels soooo good..

Peaceful weaving in the costal redwoods
Jill Nickolene 

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Bags for Saori folding weaving looms and weaving ponchos for gifts

   SOLD Two new  loom bags I finished yesterday . this one is QUILL pen AND OAK GULL INK 


SOLD more bags  My Etsy loom bag section
I love making all these variety of fabrics of loom bags it takes me some time over a year to collect the right companion  piece to color block them.

In my RAVELRY group we have a EASY PONCHO WEAVE A LONG  check it out here

I am weaving some birthday gifts for my three grandaughters  ages 5,6,8 and they all adore PINK!
so this is a few feet I have woveN so far…. stay tuned

There are Sparkles but the photos do not show them! some tiny sequins and silver glints of metalic yarns sprinkled throughout.   

I do have great yarn sets in my studio to buy and on line too Etsy shop yarn sets section
some wonderful organic Machine washable cottons  sets and cottonlin's  too and more than PINK  colors but right now PINK has captured my heart.

Peace at the loom
Jill Nickolene Sanders

Saori Santa Cruz Weaving Classes

When fall comes we bring out our sweaters,blankets and spend more hours inside some of us weave, spinn fibers into yarns, knit, felt, sew…..  If you want to learn more Fiber arts come to the studio for a variety of classes ...Last week Ruthanna came  to the studio for an entire day of weaving . She had woven a bit many years ago in the UK in a class where she wove then sewed a jacket for her toddler daughter. She brought them with her to show me. BUT today she is learning about Saori weaving weaving. A meditative stream of consciousness weaving which has no rules and using SAORI LOOMS AND EQUIPMENT , and she created  a beautiful  amazing Saori weaving!  Please feel free to contact me to set up a weaving class., sewing, or learn to spin class... no prior KNOWLEDGE needed.  A class with  just you, a freind, a son or daughter a visituing family member ( Ihave done 3 generation weaving class too)  Check out a few of the classes offered at Saori Santa CRUZ  I custom fit every class to the age ability and focus each student wants to explore. From two hours , or a full day or a whole week contact me 

Choosing any yarns she wants from the brimming over selections.

 Tea and  a relaxed kick off your shoes  fun time  learning some weaving techniques.

 Ruthanna wove and sewed this darling jacket for her 3 year old daughter many years ago
  some more of her earlier ,10 years ago or so ago  ,weavings she did durning that time period

 We were inside the studio  in the cooler morning but  as the the sun warmed I rolled the loom out  side to the warm deck. and fresh air

 As the  late afternoon sun starts to go down behind the trees we cut off her lovely weaving

 "I really REALLY loved weaving today, I do not think I have ever had such a fun day!"

…and  now how to make twisted fringes  before she leaves . First by using her hands  then  I showed her with the battery cord twister/ fringe maker
 She preferred  using the battery method …..I have this great tool  in my studio and on line here in my Etsy shop battery fringe/cord maker

  Home  it goes  now to be soaked and hung it up to dry. Ruthanna's thoughts..."I think I am going to sew  a bag out of it!"
What ever it becomes , even if it is a table runner or hangs on the wall it  will be fantastic ….. it is just a Gorgeous  JOUFUL weaving.

Peace at the loom
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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