Sunday, September 4, 2016

Learning to spin on a drop spindle at the studio,and several new Saori weavers Try out Saori looms

What happened to August? what happen to summer this year? Poof it is gone!
I wove some wool yardage about 6 months ago  link to that past blog weaving out of my hand spun carded and dyed yarns 
This past week I designed and sewed  a  shorter cropped jacket  for layering from that hand spun hand woven yardage with  a Saori  woven front edge facing. 

 cascade of yarns down the back 

 or flip them to the front

 ….and use the cascade  fringes as a scarf

 Was it easy to sew? Not really.. very lumpy bummpy being carful not to sew my finger with the machine! But it is light weight EVEN though it is bulky!  very confy I envision Iris Apfel wearing  this with a huge bangle and chunky necklace!
it looks grand with jeans under neath  a long sleeved top!
a medium /large size  to fit all but the thinnest sizes  ...soon to be up in my Etsy shop.

Several new spinners 

 Meet Zeka, she is a grad student at UCSC and and took to spinning well and beautifully!

niddy nodding off a tiny first spun ever skein!
 learning to use hand cards to blend fibers…

 Deha  is returning back to spinning after a 10 year break

  The  hands do remember !

  niddy nodding off  her 2 ply yarn She wants to return latter  to try a spinning wheel …she has  a few lbs of fiber destined for a sweater or maybe weaving?

  long times freinds reunited and visiting the studio for a morning of weaving together as the dads watch the kids at home!

 It is good to get away for a day or a few hours even check out my classes Saori Santa Cruz classes to schedule

Meet Sahetti
 She is Autistic and her family came with her  to introduce her Saori weaving

 Manju her mother learned right along side .  Sahetti learned in just a few minutes and was happily weaving!

 Durning short breaks she woven on the  spheres  and was very clear on which colors she loved the most and wanted next!

 here is the beautiful  first weaving from Manju
 the Saori WX60 loom is perfect for her. she needed the  2" height risers here

here is Sahetti's  amazing forst time ever weaving ! thrilled they will return!!! A  fantastic wonderful girl!
 A loom is in her near future… this is  just the beginning of a beautiful journey. Saori weaving is for all ages and abilities ….

indigo dyed yarns from last week's dip!!!!

  and even a pot holder from dyed cotton put holder loops!
 Peaceful weaving and spinning  in the red wood mountains
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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new to my etsy shop sample looms here  that fit into your purse or tote

and new crepe wool with some rayon  wool crepe cones ( limited amounts )

Sunday, August 14, 2016

It is all about my INDIGO Dyeing my Saori warp this week ! New students too!

Some of my past week as I Center With Fiber 
The latest  from my natural indigo pot I have  been using outside off the studio back deck.

 It started with winding a 14 yard cotton with silk  yarn warp 

 I used un mercerized  cotton and a few pale shades of silk, and silk cotton
here it is  soaking it with soap before the dye bath

  Going into the dye Indigo Vat

  After about 10 min soak it emerged green then oxidizing to the the gorgeous indigo BLUE!

   warp drying on the deck railing

  stayed up to the wee hours to thread and sleyed the reed using the  Saori cross holder and the heddles using the  Saori threading holder threading comfortably away from the loom on a table . no beams to reach over or back breaking hours at the loom.

  Carried  the   Saori inside set here to  my saori wx60 loom and started to beam on.

  Yes there is some crocking of the Indigo dye but I was touching  all the 14 yards of warp extensively for a few hours so really not to bad!

well what do you think? do you think the Natural indigo is amazing ?
Meera and Glen
It was a joy to meet them and share the joy of Saori weaving in a saori try it class

  How beautiful and textural there weavings are!
  Twisting fringes and tying  there woven pieces onto branches from the property love the  Battery fringe twister here.



  Vicki is loading her New Saori loom and weaving bench into  her vehicle . She will  be back for her threading class once she has the loom assembled.


Sandy and vicki both have new Saori looms they came for a threading class all set up with there threading stations.

  Peaceful and comfortably threading using the Saori threading holder and the SAORI READY MADE WARPS HERE They do not need to know how to wind a warp they can thread once and weave for 33 yards! When they are ready to learn warping they come come back for a  learn to wind a   warp class.

  All threaded now simply hang  the harness ,  place the reed and  slip the warp  on the the loom tension  and  weave! I can not wait to see the clothing and  other things from these two talented students!


  My student and freind Kori stopped by this week to buy 4 harness for her saori loom . She will  weave  a twill to sew here own organic california grown indigo ( she grew) and use Sally Fox's organically grown cotton yarn that she dyed to weave  her own denim jeans on Saori loom! You can READ  HER ECOTONETHREADS.COM BLOG ON GROW YOUR ONE JEANS HERE

  These are her hand woven and dyed twill samples she brought to show me!

  This plain weave is for the inside pocket of the jeans ! This is sooo amazing! GOOD JOB kORI!!!


Peace from the coastal redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders