Thursday, February 16, 2017

Saori Weaving challenge! Weave a yard a day for 30 days

 Misa Jo the founder of Saori weaving says " weave every day"
annually I like to challenge my self to do just that !  I wove a yard a day for 30 days.
I started on Jan 10, and finished on Feb 11th. I finished the full 30 yards but could not stand to have that last yard left on the loom so on day 31 I wove off the last yard. so 31 yards in 31 days!
Day one I started weaving my  ( go here to see more on this warp ) indigo natural dyed warp past blog info click here  hand dyed indigo  warp

 I loved weaving on my Saori CH60 loom the full 12 yards  that i wove  fit on  the cloth beam beautifully

 with 12 yard woven in 12 days I started weaving  on my second step of my challange on my Saori piccolo loom

  A very different color approach  happy folk art colors

 lots of sakiori  fabric strips I cut with my sharp excellent Ginger spring loader 8" shears here

 with the Second warp done and 7 yards woven!( The little round disks are tags I  use with coil less safety pins for making my progress in increments along the way) I needed to wind a new warp 
 My 3rd warp ... 14 yard warp just freshly wound 

  and the weaving begins
first yard woven  and then… subsequent days followed

  and I have reached my 30 yards …..BUT  WAIT  I want  finish that  last yard  sooooo I wove tabs….

  and the furling videos  of the last yard on day day 31 !

the video does not seem to be working go here instead video

(if the videos do not open go to my Instagram link below these video are on there as well) 

All the yardage has fringes  twisted wound  dried…. here is my month  worth of weaving!

If you go to  instragram click here  to view click here  Jill Nickolene Sanders on instagram saorisantacruz
to view my personal  Saori weave challenge posted almost daily  .


Peaceful Weaving

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Monday, January 23, 2017

sew a saori hand woven bag , Learn to spin on a spindle and wheel, and learn to wind a Saori warp

It all started last year when Antoinette  fell in love with the Saori bag I wove and sewed.. so she wove some fabric and washed it and brought it to a class to sew a saori bag too

 I  have these great leather  
purse straps in my Etsy shop here that I use on all my saori bags.

 stiff interfacing is difficult  to turn right side out!

  but so worth the effort!
  very cute bag!!!


Sharon called and made an appointment to learn to spinn on a drop spindle.. she did so well learning with the Golding drop spindle in my Etsy shop here
she moved  right on to the spining wheel to spin and ply!

 Easy Peasy on the Louet classic double treadle wheel here

  learning to use the Niddy Noddy I love the CLEMES AND CLEMES REMOVABLE ARM PIN NODDY HERE and use it on all  my yarns coming off the bobbins on my wheels. This niddy noddy is 45 years old and they are still made the same! The same great company !Thank you Roy and Henry Clemes from  clemes and clemes  I love  teaching , using and selling your Fiber  products and your new lazy kates too! Lazy kates here

  Her first skein of yarn!

Georganne came to learn how to wind a warp so we wound two warps and threaded one…

  Saori warping frame 5 ends at a time for such efficiency Saori warping frame here and the optional folding stand here

 the saori threading holder is here threading holder and replacment  for lease sticks use the Saori  cross holder

  beamed on and tensiong on the saori wx60 folding loom
 " Thank you for giving me such inspiration.
Loving it! A  really great class" Georganne


I love it when Student's drop by and give a mini Saori Kai!
Like Vicki

 such a cute jacket!!!

Antoinette and I ooo and ahhhed and then  I forgot to take a photo of her long yardage too!

A cute sari silk scarf
Meet Kamilla, it is her birthday! she gave herself a 4 hour saori class! what a beautiful wonderful saori hanging she wove!

  learning to twist fringes   battery fringe twister

  Kamilla chose a stick from from the bundle of them that I gathered from our property  and tied her weaving  on for a beautiful wall hanging .

 and Peace through Fibers from the  coastal redwood forest in california

 Jill Nickolene Sanders


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