Friday, April 5, 2013

Saori Santa Cruz learn to spinn classes and other studio news

The very basics for learning to spin on a drop spindle class this week and simple  how to drum card and blend wool fibers for preparation .

Garnett did really well! and plied too on a  drop spindle.
In our Ravelry group WEAVING IN THE SAORI WAY some of the mods and I havea new" weave a long" 
The theme  is a Tailor's/spinning/weaving  apron or  pillow/cushion 
so Tige (sue) and I  made some samples  just to give members some ideas that I posted  on Ravelry ...
 my apron design
 Bias pillow # 2 out of  mostly children's  "try it " saori classes weavings . Pieced and cut on the bias.

 Co group moderator/admin  Tighe made these cool Saori  throw pillows mostly using her hand spun as weft. Want to join in the weaving fun? There are prizes. Check it out saori ...weave a long

 A new  cool 2013 Saori beginning sewing patterns  book is just  out. very nice. Available  here  Etsy saori book link the simple clothing designs made out of Handwoven's shown on models are very nice. Yes it is  all is in Japenese, but the diagrams are very clear and a must if you are a Saori yardage weaver!.

Peace with fibers ... in the red woods
Jill Nickolene

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