Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saori zen weaving day,and two new saori weavers

Up here in the Santa Cruz mountains of California Saturday was a rainy under the redwoods perfect Saori weaving day.
Jess  came from out of town came for a full day of weaving , a self directed Zen day. Which is another term for relaxed fun self paced weaving for 7 hours.
She had her own special weaving space in the weaving gallery at the Saori studio. When the weather permits students or groups can weave outside under the trees , or on the deck under the pergola or in the sun as well.

Jess enjoyed weaving and by mid afternoon had woven enough yards  to make a shrug out of her woven  piece you can see before we cut it up .

First fitting and a few nips and tucks yet to perform. Isn't this a fantastic piece of cloth she wove?
Her textures and color choices are amazing.

Cutting the alterations

WE used every scrap, so there was 0 waste. Jess is deciding at home how she will finish the front edges. twist fringe, knot?  hand sew a turned over edge? etc.

What ever she choose it will be stunning! I love this shrug Jess.

Meet Claire and Keith  weaving for the first time in the studio. Keith was 6'2" so he used the saori sx60 H{2"higher} loom.( the 60 non folding loom has height adjustment options but the sx60 folding looms have a metal frame so you need to use  either a taller loom  if you are over 5'10", or use the  saori 60 loom. It is very easy to adjust the glimakra weaving benches as well, weaving comfort is imperative and  that you have the right ergonomics when you weave as well.

Beautiful Keith!

Beautiful Claire

CLAIRE will go home and wash her weaving then she is going to make a chalk bag from parts of her weavings ,lined in felt,  with drawstring, because she is a rock climber.
When she does and sends me photos  I will post photos of her chalk bag, I can hardly wait  to see it.

Keith is a woodworker  and a friend of Claire visiting form another state. He is very is excited  and can't wait to introduce his two teenage children to saori weaving .Claire is a knitter and loves fiber and is very excited about coming again with more of  her friends for another class of saori weaving .
there comments, "never had so much fun, and excitment, and laughter, we love saori weaving and your studio is beautiful and magical thank you!"

peaceful Saori weaving
Jill Nickolene
etsy shop

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