Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saori woven scarf to blouse

I am about to to start cutting into my saori woven yardage and make clothing and accessories.
I will take some photos as i do this but first I want to share a past students weaving from scarf to blouse.

 Last fall I had a student who wanted a top and we discussed it then she wove a scarf and we turned it into a top !  So this is a photo journal of most of the steps.

washed  woven scarf 
I start out using a muslin in which i get an idea of the shape and cut and fit , then use the muslin as a pattern.
The weaving needs to to be pieced first then sewn together, then pressed and then using the muslin pattern cut it out then pin and sew it together on the machine.fitting muslin

cutting up scarf and piecing

sewn pieced weaving ready to cut

checking if placement is attractive

cut ready to sew

checking fit


front finished top


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