Saturday, March 12, 2011

SAORI OSAKA IS OKAY : second update

At least a little good news from Japan  see below.
For the survivors it will get harder before it gets better. It takes decades. I have placed some orders with saori that can be shipped by air from Saori so I am trying  to keep the support and connection there  as well. peaceful weaving
  from japanese news paper packed in one of my saori orders I cut out a couple of photos as a reminder of japan's on going struggles .

march 18th

 Dear all,

I leaned with a great relief that all the staff members of the SAORI branch
in Sendai are safe.
But we still have difficulties in making contact with other SAORI Weavers
in north-eastern part of Japan.

Is is snowing in the worst affected area.
We are praying for those who are struggling to overcome all the difficulties
with lack of fuel and electricity.

Thank you very much for all your good thoughts and concerns.
We truly appreciate the support dedicated by so many countries, regions and
all over the world.
I feel that Japan is not alone.

Warm Regards,

Akiko Jo

613-1 Murodo-cho, Izumi-shi

Thank you every one who asked how SAORI Japan was doing in the horrible earth quake/ tsunami   I am posting this reply from Akiko Jo from Osaka saori. I am much relieved but very sad for all of japan's loss.

Dear all,

Thank you very much for all your message and emails.
We were not affected at all in Osaka and western part of Japan.
My family in the eastern part of Japan (near Tokyo) was affected by the
earthquake, but I found that they were O.K.
We had some difficulties in communicating with them,
because we got the telephone connection shut down.

The damage in the north-east area in Japan seems very big.
We are worried about everyone there still going through continuous shaking
without the electricity in snow.
We have many SAORI Weavers there, and I am much worried about them.
According to the news here, many villages disappeared after the tsunami
in the north-east are of Japan.
One of the SAORI weavers I know very well lives in the bay-side area
where the tsunami attacked, and I have been worried about her very much.

We appreciate all your thoughts and condolences for Japan and people here.

Warm Regards,

Akiko Jo

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