Sunday, October 17, 2010

elm street bridges saori banner installation photos

all cultures and diversity are beautiful together

Remember when back in August I posted photos for the elm st project back in Massachusetts ? I posted photos of my banners on this blog as they were in progress. well the
the week long installation took place at  the end of august and photos are starting to arrive. Thank you jeen for the time and effort you took to drive down and take some photos, and saori worcester took wonderful photos too. I  heard that my chartreuse predominate banner has been taken up as a sponsor and all of the money raised will go towards children's weaving classes back in Massachusetts who other wise could not afford them.
 one of my banners is third from the right.
"Your banner { the chartreuse  and navy} was sponsored by Neal & Paula Rosenblum of Worcester, whose daughter Beryl has Down's Syndrome and comes to weave with Mihoko whenever she is on vacation from her residential school." nat saori worcester 

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